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Never Forget
Where the hell is the skid ?
Tuesday, March 01, 2016

posted by Sarge @ 1:11 AM  
  • At 5:34 AM, Blogger skybill said…

    Skid?? We don't need no stinkin skid!! ....
    Note the wheel?? It's not a Huey!! Must be a water jump!! Wonder if the center pull reserves are old "Irvin MIRPS!!!!" if they were packed by Army Riggers, after they pull the silver handle, they have to beat on the pack till "IMPACT!!!" for them to get out of the pack.....Don't worry, "OPEN" is not going to happen because they refused to follow the tested procedures developed by the Lead Rigger At Irvin as ol' Chief Ed Pete told this old Crusty Master Sgt at the Briefing, "Sarge, you sit down and watch our test jumps and when you see one of those 'DUMMYS" start beatin' on the rig to get to open I'll buy the "BEER!!" We did over 400 test drop with no malfunctions!! Only way I'd jump one of those chest rigs is if "I Packed It!!!" not the Army!!

  • At 8:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wussies are using static lines and reserve chutes.

    When real pipe-swingers really need are a T-10 & D-ring.

  • At 7:19 PM, Blogger Sarge said…

    skybill, I'm not an idiot .... !!!

  • At 4:00 AM, Blogger skybill said…

    Hi Sarge,
    A Thousand Pardons for ruffling' yer' feathers!!! 'but the part about the "MIRPS" is true....I was the "Lead rigger" on the Project!! 'Still gets my Goat to this day!! Long story, I can tell ya' and have the video tapes from the project to back me up!! "AND I'LL BUY THE BEER!!!!" ANY way, back at the ranch,,, noticed the dudes in the door... doin' a "Water Jump!!! "Where is their 'FLOTATION GEAR!!!!???????" 'Don't even see any "LPU" pouches!! Geez at least one of those???
    Really looks cool.... 'Only done one full tilt boogie water jump... now that I do the math, that was 41 years ago this coming 04JULY in front of the "Blue Water Marina" at Parker Arizona hangin' out with a bunch of Skydivers havin' a "Independance Day Boogie" at Parker organized by Don Hansen that was in "1-9-7-5-!!!" The Late Billy Bishop spotted the load, called the cut and out we went!! Did about a 5 second delay from 3000', uncorked my Navy 28' "double L" mod canopy and splashed down in the middle of the Colorado River in front of the Blue Water Marina!! 'Had an old "Double pouch" "LPU" rig as soon as my feet hit the drink, I fired off both those puppies!! 'Wend "DOWN" a good 5 feet below the surface but came"Right back up!" with the help of those LPU's!! We had called over to "Blue Water" before we took off and asked if they'd get a couple of "Ski Boats" to hang out in the middle of the river to pick us up..."No Problem!!!" Right after I "Splashed Down!" a ski boat was along side and this lady in a bikini was holding up a flag indicating they were picking up somebody (usually a skier, but not this time!) anyway this hand comes down from the ladder and helps me start getting into the boat and as I get over the gunnel' I get a "Howdy" and "A ICE COLD BUDWISER" stuck in my fist...a couple of other people pull in my chute!!! Made it over to the Marina soaking wet but there is more!! We had a couple of beers and went back to the Airport. The Custodian had taken down the American Flag on the Flag pole in front of the Airport building, I saw this and got an idea. I hooked up the "Apex" of my main and wet reserve canopies to the dog hook and hauled them up on the flag pole...it was just before sunset...within 20 minutes (The humidity was about 10% if that and the temp was "at least!" 98-100*F...) "GO FIGURE!!!"
    It happened as I told!! Unfortunately we lost "Dirty Billy" in a car wreck down in Mexico sometinme later... everyone else involved is still around, drinkin' beer and maintaining "Proper Parachutin' Protocol!!" You will NOT find any "Special Snowflakes or Skittle Sh!##ing Pink Unicorns" among "US!!!!!"
    Got That???? OUTLAW!!!
    Blue Skies, Black Death!!!!,
    SCR-2034, SCS-680, D-6009, Freak Brother-1495
    "AIR TRASH"-Member in Good Standing

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