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Monday, June 13, 2016
The anti-gun politimedia wasted no time at all demonizing the most common rifle in the United States as being the real villain of the Islamic terrorist attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

Here’s the thing. The rifle used by the Islamist terrorist in Orlando was not an AR-15.

 The rifle used by the Islamist terrorist in Orlando was instead a Sig Sauer MCX carbine, a modular, multi-caliber (able to swap to different calibers, including 5.56 NATO, 300 BLK, and 7.62×39) rifle system that sometimes utilizes STANAG magazines common to more than 60 different firearms, but otherwise has no major parts that interface with AR-15s in any way, shape or form. This of course, will make no difference at all to the anti-gun politimedia, who don’t particularly care about factual accuracy and who likely wouldn’t be able to tell an AR-15 from a toaster oven if their lives depended on it.

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posted by Sarge @ 8:11 PM  
  • At 6:19 AM, Blogger skybill said…

    Hi Sarge,
    Same story, different shooting!! The moonbat media always says the same thing!!
    and the sheeple suck it up!!

  • At 7:53 AM, OpenID Toejam said…

    Are they just dumb asses or more likely Socialist programmed Media idiots who constantly refer to all AR's as "automatic or machine guns".

    Bring back the draft and maybe some of these under-educated college turds can get familiar with weaponry.

    I'm an NRA member and have been for years. I wish they stop sending me weekly begging for donations notices and start bitch-slapping the people whose aim is to destroy the 2nd amendment.

  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger Sarge said…

    Something else bothers me about this scam. I keep hearing this guy had to wait 3 days to pick up his Glock .... Why?
    In Florida if you have CCL you can walk into any gun store in the state and buy a pistol, fill out the paperwork, do the background check, and walk right out the door. There is no waiting period.
    Something doesn't smell right to me !

    790.0655 Purchase and delivery of handguns; mandatory waiting period; exceptions; penalties.—

    (1)(a) There shall be a mandatory 3-day waiting period, which shall be 3 days, excluding weekends and legal holidays, between the purchase and the delivery at retail of any handgun. "Purchase" means the transfer of money or other valuable consideration to the retailer. "Handgun" means a firearm capable of being carried and used by one hand, such as a pistol or revolver. "Retailer" means and includes every person engaged in the business of making sales at retail or for distribution, or use, or consumption, or storage to be used or consumed in this state, as defined in s. 212.02(13).

    (b) Records of handgun sales must be available for inspection by any law enforcement agency, as defined in s. 934.02, during normal business hours.

    (2) The 3-day waiting period shall not apply in the following circumstances:

    (a) When a handgun is being purchased by a holder of a concealed weapons permit as defined in s. 790.06.

    (b) To a trade-in of another handgun.

    (3) It is a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084:

    (a) For any retailer, or any employee or agent of a retailer, to deliver a handgun before the expiration of the 3-day waiting period, subject to the exceptions provided in subsection (2).

    (b) For a purchaser to obtain delivery of a handgun by fraud, false pretense, or false representation.

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