“I don't care what you think about anything !”

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Sheee's Baaack !!

"Today is a big day in America. Only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good."
... Dingy Harry Reid !

"we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it !"
... Nancy Pelosi !

Never Forget
You knew somebody was gonna do it !
Monday, March 31, 2008
Get your Hitlery Bosnia Tour T-shirt here !

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We are so screwed !

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A Democrat's Car !
Official Democrat Party campaign car designed exactly the way Obama lays out his campaign message


You figure it out. I have a headache.
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Good thing her manicurist wore a flak jacket !
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Great Orators of the Democrat Party !
• "One man with courage makes a majority."--attributed to Andrew Jackson

• "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."--Franklin D. Roosevelt

• "The buck stops here."--Harry S. Truman

• "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."--John F. Kennedy

• "You know, I think that, a minor blip, you know, if I said something that, you know, I say a lot of things--millions of words a day--so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement."--Hillary Clinton
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And a good football team !

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Another young Bill Klinton pic !
Sunday, March 30, 2008

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Two guys are speeding through Texas when a state trooper pulls them over.

The trooper walks up to the driver's side of the car, gets out his billy club and smacks the driver across the face.

Stunned, the driver asks, "Why did you do that??"

The trooper responds, "You're in Texas now son, you have that license out and ready around here!"

"I apologize sir, I'm not from around here."

The trooper then walks to the passenger side of the car, and taps on the window.

The passenger rolls down his window and the trooper takes out his club and smacks the passenger across the face.

"What was that for?" asked the passenger.

"I know your kind," says the trooper, "About two miles down the road you would have looked at your buddy and said 'I wish that son of a bitch would have tried that crap with me!'"
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Fun with words !
Friday, March 28, 2008
GUTS - is arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being met by your wife with a broom, and having the guts to ask: 'Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?'

BALLS - is coming home late after a night out with the guys,
smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the butt and having the balls to say: 'You're next.'
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Alway's proof-read before you post to the web !
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Osama-Obama if her highness doesn't win the nomination !

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Nobody fainting here !

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Senility !

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More pic's of General Hitlery from the Bosnian Front Lines !

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Osama Obama's Typical White Racist Grandma !
Thursday, March 27, 2008
Related story
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Check post below for pic of wife !

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A whole bottle of Viagra wouldn't help !!!

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Greed is good ?

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Hitlery Vindicated ?

Bosnia gunfire footage discovered...

Don't drink anything when watching this video !

The Klinton's...The gift that never stop's giving !

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Twisted !
Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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Dear Mom and Dad, This is my dorm room. My roommate Kristin is ...
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More here. By the way, this is a great website !
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What a Crock !

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I'll bet he listen's the next time
In a Chicago hospital, a gentleman had made several attempts to get into the men's restroom, but it had always been occupied.

A nurse noticed his predicament.

Sir, she said ' You may use the ladies room if you promise not to touch any of the
buttons on the wall.'

He did what he needed to, and as he sat there he noticed the buttons he had promised not to touch.

Each button was identified by letters: WW , WA , PP, and a red one labeled ATR.

Who would know if he touched them?

He couldn't resist. He pushed WW. warm water was sprayed gently upon his bottom.

What a nice feeling, he thought. Men's restrooms don't have nice things like this.

Anticipating greater pleasure, he pushed the WA button. Warm air replaced the warm water, gently drying his underside.

When this stopped, he pushed the PP button. A large powder puff caressed his bottom adding a fragile scent of spring flower to this unbelievable pleasure.. The ladies restroom was more than a restroom, it is tender loving pleasure.

When the powder puff completed its pleasure, he couldn't wait to push the ATR button which he knew would be supreme ecstasy.

Next thing he knew he opened his eyes, he was in a hospital bed, and a nurse was staring down at him.

'What happened?' he exclaimed. The last thing I remember was pushing the ATR button.

'The button ATR is an Automatic Tampon Remover. Your penis is under your pillow.'
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This sums it up quite well !
Click on toon to enlarge !

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ouch ..........
Monday, March 24, 2008

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Wanna Bet ?

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No Caption Needed !


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Archie Bunker On Gun Control !
Thursday, March 20, 2008

Makes perfect sense to me !

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If you have an erection that lasts more than four hours...........

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Just don't question their patriotism !
Wednesday, March 19, 2008


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Woman Goes for Leg Operation, Gets New Anus Instead !
You can't make this stuff up !

A German retiree is taking a hospital to court after she went in for a leg operation and got a new anus instead, the Daily Telegraph is reporting.
The woman woke up to find she had been mixed up with another patient suffering from incontinence who was to have surgery on her sphincter.
The clinic in Hochfranken, Bavaria, has since suspended the surgical team.
Now the woman is planning to sue the hospital. She still needs the leg operation and is searching for another hospital to do it.
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Hypocrite !

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Cracker Sandwich !
This is Osama-Obama's white grandmother.
Yes it's the same one he thru under the bus in his speech yesterday !
Racist Rat Bastard !

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Police in D.C. unveil their new battering ram !


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Red State Update: Obama's Preacher !
Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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God moves in mysterious ways !
LONDON (Reuters) - It is the one moment every man wants to get right -- and which London floor-fitter Lefkos Hajji could hardly have got more wrong.

The luckless 28 year-old's dreams of giving his sweetheart, Leanne, 26, the ultimate proposal have literally vanished into thin air.

Hajji, of Hackney, east London, had concealed a $12,000 engagement ring inside a helium balloon. The idea was that she would pop the balloon as he popped the question.

But as he left the shop, a gust of wind pulled the balloon from his hand and he watched the ring -- and quite possibly the affections of his girlfriend -- sailing away over the rooftops.

"I couldn't believe it," he told The Sun newspaper.

"I just watched as it went further and further into the air.

"I felt like such a plonker. It cost a fortune and I knew my girlfriend would kill me."

Hajji spent two hours in his car trying to chase and find the balloon, without success.

"I thought I would give Leanne a pin so I could literally pop the question," he said.

"But I had to tell her the story -- she went absolutely mad. Now she is refusing to speak to me until I get her a new ring."

He is hoping the ring will still turn up.

"It would be amazing if someone found it," he added.

For my money this guy is darned lucky to get away with losing only 12 grand, a pittance compared to what a lifetime of marriage, maybe, to this woman would have cost him over the long run! I think he got off really cheap and was quite lucky. I can’t even imagine wanting to be married to a person like this woman.

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One shaken... One never stirred... !

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Got Beer ?

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What's wrong with this ?
Monday, March 17, 2008

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Saving gas, Liberal style !


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Needs no caption !

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Spitzer Call Girl Resigns !

FYI.... Alabama Hot Pocket


More than you needed to know !

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It looks like Brett Farve really did retire !
Sunday, March 16, 2008

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This is pitiful !

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A young Bill Klinton !

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Bobby's goldfish has diarrhea !

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You gotta love it !
Saturday, March 15, 2008
Let's take a ride on the bitchcruiser ! More here

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Well, At least we know " Hillary ain't never been called a nigger " !
Friday, March 14, 2008

Racist Son of a Bitch !

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Cleanse your soul
with a little
Southern Boogie !

The Oath of the
Right-wing Extremist !

I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands,
one Nation under God,
indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.



The Second Amendment:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

I do solemnly swear
that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same ...
~ Title 10, US Code ~

Let us pray... Give me a sense of humor, Lord, Give me the grace to see a joke, To get some humor out of life, And pass it on to other folk.

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" !
...Benjamin Franklin

"Don't let anybody tell you that, you know, it's corporations and businesses that create jobs." !
...Hitlery Klinton

"Give whites a pile of bricks and they'll make a city, give blacks a city and they'll make a pile of bricks"

Teach someone how to fish, and you lose a Democrat voter !

Never try to teach a liberal to think, It wastes your time and annoys the liberal !

Liberalism is a sick religion based solely on emotion and feelgoodism and wiping away their perceived guilt with other peoples money. It has never been based in thought and common sense !

“I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.”... Clarence Darrow !

"We have to spend money to keep from going bankrupt"
...Joe Biden !

"We tax everything that moves and doesn’t move"....
Hitlery Klinton !

"I do think there are certain times
we should infringe on your freedom" !
.... Michael Bloomberg

"I never drink water because fish fuck in it"....
W.C.Fields !

"Life's tough. It's even tougher if you're stupid...." John Wayne !

"we are truly being governed by our inferiors, and in some cases criminals"
...Plato !

"Sure We Can Kill ISIS, But We’re Not Going To Get Suckered Into That
...John Kerry !

"Never tell the Platoon Sergeant you have nothing to do".... !

"God have mercy on my enemies because I won't." ...
George S. Patton ! !

"There is no worse foolishness than the truth in the mouth of a fool"...
Don Colacho ! !

"If you take out the killings, Washington D.C. has one of the lowest crime rates in the country." ...
Marion Barry !

“When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber.”
... Sir Winston Churchill !

Old Crap
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